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Common Sense Maryland is a grassroots organization committed to bringing a common sense approach to our government.  Our mission is to highlight failed extremism on both ends of the political spectrum and hold our leaders accountable to the overwhelming majority of Marylanders who do not feel represented by the extremist policies being forced upon them.
As an organization, we advocate for a common sense approach to policies and solutions.  We support efforts that will strengthen the economy, promote energy diversification and innovation and drive solutions that make our communities safer.  


About Us

Our Founder

Our Founder

Steve Crim has built a career based on his belief in common sense policy solutions to the biggest challenges facing our country.  His journey started with his partnership with former Governor Larry Hogan, but has expanded beyond Maryland.  He now advises  political leaders and organizations focused on transcending divisive politics and developing common sense solutions to advance our country. 

In 2011, Steve Crim co-founded Change Maryland to challenge the status quo, out-of-touch politicians in Annapolis who were driving our state off the tracks and in the wrong direction.  Along with Larry Hogan, Steve believes that no party had a monopoly on good ideas and Marylanders were hungry for common sense solutions to the toughest challenges we faced.

Crim and Hogan were right and Change Maryland quickly became the largest grassroots organization in the state with over 75,000 active members from every walk of life.

The success of Change Maryland led to Hogan's decision to run for governor and when he did, Hogan turned to Crim to serve as his strategist and campaign manager.  Crim ran a disciplined and cohesive campaign focused on innovative digital and communications strategies, message development and grassroots/tops engagement, which resulted in a Hogan victory despite being outspent five to one. 

Following his successful 'underdog' gubernatorial campaign in 2014, Governor Hogan tapped Crim to serve in the Administration as his top adviser and Director of Public Affairs.  In this role, Crim built and directed the governor's administrative agenda including agency policies, legislative actions, communications and political strategy.   


Throughout the Governor’s term, Crim worked intimately with the governor and his senior staff to ensure Hogan built on his popularity as a centrist governor in a deep blue state, helping to steer the governor and his administration to record high approval ratings.

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